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Relaunching the Blog (Storytime)

One of the things we enjoy most about the art fair circuit (Yes probably even more than selling art, though that does allow us to keep doing this) is talking with people about the photos in our booth, telling stories, and sharing our art with them. Now that it looks like we are unlikely going to be doing any art fairs this year, we still want to share those stores, and so we are going to be re-launching our blog to be a place that allows us to share this passion with our fans. There really is something special about art that makes your heart jump for joy when you see somebody fall in love with a piece of yours. It's a connection between two souls though a physical medium that makes an especially strong impression.

Some of you might have already heard most of the stories around these photos, but we are hoping that we will be able to into a depth here that we have not been able to relay in our booth as well as share some of the behind the scenes photos and/or videos that Mike has been taking while I work the scene.

So just like SpaceX has begun relaunching their Falcon 9 boosters (You have 1 guess as to who wrote that line) we are going to be relaunching our blog. Welcome to storytime with Kelly and Mike.

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