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 Virtual Consultation

Having a hard time visualizing what a photo will look like in your space; which size is best; frame or no frame?
Try a complimentary virtual consultation so you can see exactly what your piece will look like before you purchase.

image of a bed with a blank wall behind it

Step 1 

Tape a standard size piece of paper to the wall in the area you are thinking about hanging the photo.

  • Place the paper either horizontally or vertically.

  • If you already have a photo or other item in that space you do not need to take it down, just position the paper below or beside it.

Step 2 

Take a photo of the paper on your wall.

  • Try to take the photo straight on, avoid taking the photo from an angle.

image of a bed with a standard piece of paper in the center of the wall above the bed.

Step 3

Send the photo to me at 

with the following information: 

  • Photo(s): include the name or description of the photo(s) you would like to see

  • Size(s): include the size(s) you are considering

  • Framing option(s): include the framing option(s) you are considering

(Please state "none" if you are not interested in having your piece framed.)

I will send to scale mockups (see above), of your selected photo(s), in your space to help you make the best choice.

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